Duke Basketball Epic Battles

Did Grayson Allen have a better impact at Duke than Grant Hill? Can Marvin Bagley III beat Christian Laettner in offense? Jayson Tatum vs Shane Battier?

Who is the better Duke Blue Devil?

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We can see Grayson Allen was the better scorer--having higher points and field goal%, while Grant Hill had more impact in the team--having higher assists, boards, and steals. Overall, if only judging by Grayson’s best season at Duke (2016), he has great potential in NBA, and could one day fill Grant Hill’s shoes.




Tableau: https://public.tableau.com/profile/james.wang2663#!/vizhome/DukeBasketballHeros/DT


Acquired exclusively from Duke Basketball Admin, I used the raw data of 481 Blue Devils of the 2,495 Duke games. I selected 53 best players across the last 34 seasons (1984-2018). Comparing any two players in the radar chart in their best season, we can see who indeed are the heroes of Cameron Indoors.


Marvin Bagley and Christian Laettner were head to head on points, assists, and blocks. Bagley was the rim protector (boards) while Laettner averages 2.11 steals per game as a Center/PF.


Player Selection Criteria :

~ Their best season at Duke (most minutes per game)

~ Played over 25 min and scored over 10 points per game in best season ~ Played over 10 games (i.e. Kyrie Irving only played 11 games and I want to include him)

~ 53 players selected


Sample Script in SQL:

SELECT playerid, first, last, season4, gspos, AVG(tp) as ppg, AVG(min) as mpg ,      AVG(treb) as rpg, AVG(ast) as apg, AVG(blk) as bpg, AVG(stl) as spg, SUM(ft)/SUM(fga) as gf,      SUM(fg3)/SUM(fga3) as dgf3, AVG(ast_to) AS to_ast,  AVG(fga3)  as fga3, count(*) as gamePlayed  FROM df_duke  GROUP BY playerid, season4  HAVING AVG(min) > 25 AND AVG(tp) >10 AND count(*) > 10